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my son said something the other day that was very true - why is it that your bed gets more comfortable the closer it is to the time you have to get up? I have discovered that I cherish going back to bed for 20 minutes - just 20 minutes of lying there in my toasty bed, being all comfy.

The shop is coming along. We had a stellar day on Wed., which was great. PLus, Steve and Chelli came to visit me yesterday, which made my Thursday. And today is story time, which makes my Friday go quite a bit faster.I do enjoy storytime on every other Friday and it seems to be growing in popularity. I get a lot of positive responses to the programming I am doing, but the people don't seem to be coming out for it. I know - give it time, let it build - and I am. I am now surrounded by kids and can't concentrate. I'll write more later.
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Warning - Cranky/sad/grrr post

See - here is the part I hate. I am here, at my shop, at least 8 hours a day, if not 11 or 12, 6 days a week and the one day I am not here (Tuesday) I spend it trying to get EVERYTHING else accomplished. And I see my friends all out for breakfast or snuggling with their families or having lazy days in their PJ's or watching the waves crash on the shore and I am SO sad because I can't do those things. Because I am here. And YES. I understand that that is part of taking on your own business. But that doesn't make it any less sad for me. It doesn't make me any less frustrated that I am so exhausted when I go home at 5 on a Saturday that I can't manage to do anything but take a bath and be a blob on the couch for the rest of the night.

Oh - an addendum to a previous post. I told you all about Kelly across the street, right? So - she came in on Friday - she had found a teapot for me (she's a hoarder AND a compulsive shopper - she buys me teapots and I pay her back - it's actually pretty awesome) and she got a greek salad. And then she came back yesterday for another one. Apparently, I am not THAT over-priced! lolol Plus, she said it was "different, but delicious, especially since I made my own tatziki dressing". So there! I've decided to let what she said roll off my back. There just isn't a point in elevating gossip.

In good news - we had another stellar day yesterday with 9 breakfast sales and 11 or 12 lunch/dinner sales. And we got two new couples who are going to become regulars. The brie and apple sandwich was SUCH a hit. Now I have to decide if I should keep the meatballs on for anotehr week. I think I will - I think I will switch out my hot sandwiches once a month. So this will be the last week of teh meatballs and next week will will do pulled pork and those massive kaisers from our delivery people.

Two new soups this week - we will see how they go over. Well - back to the grind. ;)
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It's like we are a real shop!

Since I decided our new goal was to hit 10 lunch sales per day (I decided Monday!) - we sold 11 Monday, 11 Wed and 13 today! PLUS a couple breakfasts! And it's only 2!!! I feel so like a real business-person. Not for long, I am sure, but for right now - WOOT!!! We were seriously busy this morning. Hopping even. We had a big book club in the back and 7 people at different tables up front! *happy dance*
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I have a desire

to better myself. It's tough, because the things I am going after are deep seated, long term issues like jealousy and a superiority complex. I come by them honestly, I think, but I don't want them anymore. I want to be more self-positive. As such, I am trying to respond to my personal jealousy issues with inward reflection of the blessings in my life.

In other news - good day at the shop. We sold 8 meals already and I know we will be selling at least one more, if not 2. *happy dance* My new goal is 10 per day, so we are close for the second day this week!!! And 3 of those meals were new customers, which always makes me happy! The January calendar is pretty full - we have something going on just about every day. Today we did inventory for years end and I should now be working on paperwork - but - ugh - paperwork, right? ;)
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Missed posting yesterday...

So I shall post today about yesterday. Yesterday was New Year's Eve, and we had been invited to our very first NYE party ever. But - since we don't like to go out on NYE and we really don't like to have to drive, we declined with heavy hearts, planning to just stay home like usual instead. Then, on SUnday, a friend who live 3 miles away invited us over for dinner - prime rib even - and how do you say no to that? So Ben, S and I went over and had a delightful, delicious dinner and we were home by 10:30. Because that's how we roll.

Shop-wise - We were quite busy for lunch yesterday - we sold 10 lunches, which is my new goal. :) But, once again, after 2 it was basically dead. I am consider making 5 our closing time on every Monday, simply because we just don't have people coming in. I get a lot of work done, since we make the soups for the rest of the week on Mondays, but it's still not worth staying open until 8 when we go literally 4 hours without a customer. I'm giving it a few more weeks and we will see.
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was a good day at the shop. We got about 5 inches of snow today, so it was relatively quiet, customer wise. The original scheduling for today was I would be there open to 2, Troy from 12 - 4, Sallie from 2 - 6 and Karen from 6 - close. Well - due to the snow, Sallie AND Karen called out. SO I ended up working open - 6:30, when I closed the shop because we had not one customer after 2. Trot happens to be a bit manic, so when he is working, things get DONE. So - we got the shelves hung in the kitchen that we have had since September which allowed us to clean a whole mess of stuff off the counters and open up more space for us to prep food. Plus, we sold 5 lunches and 2 breakfasts, so we made goal for today. We got loads of cleaning done as well, under, over, windows, places we don't get on a daily basis. So - while customer level was low, productivity was high. :)

Now I need to figure out how to get people in there in the afternoon. I'm not sure what will lead to that. Ideas anyone?
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Helloooooooo LJ!

So - haven't been around much - mostly because I am not a blog about what is going on type of person, and also because I am guessing about 2 people actually read this site (Hi Kass and Katie!) But - and yes, this is a prologue for those of you reading this - I have come to the conclusion that I want to be writing about my business somewhere. I don't want to post it to facebook, partially because it is WAY public, and partially because I have customers who are my friends and that's not always a good person to witness your venting. Plus - I don't think anyone wants to hear about my business. So this way - they don't have to. They can read, or not read. End prologue.

I have been running the coffee shop for 3.5 months now. Wow. 3.5 months. That is a really long time, especially since some days I feel like we just opened last week. We are basically out of money and running by the skin of our teeth at the moment - which is a small business in it's first year way to be, I think, but I really am not happy about it. I have cut back on the hours other people work so I am paying for about 50 hours a week and most of those hours are overlaps on lunch time so I have someone to help when we have several people at once. I am currently considering let one of the staff members go because I keep having issues with her, but I am not quite fed up enough to do it. She only works 2 days in January, so maybe that will help me calm down. ;) Or not. So - I need to come up with ways to get more people into the shop. Oh. OH - today I found out the woman who owns the re-sale shop across the street tells people NOT to come to my coffee shop because my coffee is cold. Seriously? Grrrrr. That frustrated me. Great. Big. Bunches.

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So - when one is feeling very much not well and that leads one to ponder if they are sick enough for a hospital stay and the first thing they think is "Wow. That would be a like a vacation!", do you suppose that means one has WAY too much on their plate? ;) I am 1 week away from the end of this semester, for which I am grateful. I still have to finish my Excel project, do my extra credit for Law and take 4 finals. But then - 4 weeks of no school. Of course, then I dive into my semester from HELL with 6 classes, but I think I can do it. Well - I have to do it, don't I?

I am 3ish months into being gluten free. I made a mistake Sunday and ate pizza. In some ways, it was good because it showed me that I really do have an intolerance to it. I was rather sick to my stomach all night Sunday and spent Monday in an exhausted haze. But maybe that was because it was pizza. I don't know. Whatever. I am living just fine GFree, so I am going to continue it.
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So - I have made it through my first 4 days gluten free - and I KNOW you were all worried about me.  ;)  I went grocery shopping yesterday.  Ugh.  It took me almost 2 hours and cost 50 bucks more than it usually does.  However, - I found gluten free soy sauce, Lea& Perrins, salad dressing, BBQ suace to make pulled pork BBQ, and discovered that my local store no longer carries corn tortillas.  *sigh*  Their gluten free section is a whole whopping 30 items, but I am going to try a different store next time and see if they have more.  I really feel like I should be writing more down, so that I can look back and see how I felt.  So - I am feeling fine.  My stomach hasn't hurt once for the last 4 days, which is actually unusual for me.  I'm liking this.  Other parts of my digestive tract aren't functioning on their normal schedule, but I figure it will all regulate as it gets used to this diet.

  In other news - I bought a wedding dress from a friend who needed to sell it to use as the base gown for one of my FaerieCon dresses and finally got an appointment to have it bustled by a professional seamstress.  It has a 2 foot train that I am NOT dragging around all night at the con.  Everyone steps on trains.  I had trailing wings last year and they got stepped on SO many times.  And I can't decide what kind of wings I should wear with my flower faerie costume - should I go with white?  Irridescent?  Or flower something?  That may be an overabundance of "flower" if I do the wings too.  Hrmmmm.